It’s about trust.

Even though the trash hauling business is changing, we still do as much as we can the good old fashioned way. The local business ethic remains unlike the unfriendly big business model. We remember back when we all worked together. We all knew each other, and we all helped each other out. There were a lot of deals done with a handshake. It was a different time. We know it was different and we’re working to change that.


LoPresti & Sons Carting Co.

A little bit of history

In 1968, Phil LoPresti Sr. planted the seeds that would become LoPresti & Sons Carting Co. Originally called Danbury Carting Co., the LoPresti family brought great service and value to the greater Danbury area.

At the age of 15 Phil Jr. joined his father in the family business and has been dedicated to servicing his customers ever since.

As of June 2007, Danbury Carting Co. was no more but Phil Jr. has brought the great history of his family to the fore front and changed the name to LoPresti & Sons Carting Co. Still providing the same great service at a great value, Phil and his sons are looking to service all of his customers with unprecedented integrity.